Residential Solar Leads

Pump up your solar business with exclusive solar leads!

Want to be the next leader in the solar industry? Help us do that. We bring fruitful results for our client’s solar business. Here you get the qualified and verified solar lead services that help you scale your business. We connect you with qualified leads that increase your proliferation. Our mission is to get more residential solar panels installed through your company.


Why buying solar leads from us is a good idea?

Solar lead generation is a major challenge in the solar industry. Our marketing tactics make homeowners interested in getting solar installation from you. We have helped several solar companies to attract leads and earn the highest revenue after partnering with us.

The following are the types of leads you can buy for the betterment of your solar business:

Pre-set appointments

If you purchase residential solar leads in the form of preset solar appointments leads then you not only reduce the effort to generate leads but also maximize conversion. This type of lead is very beneficial for ROI and gaining more solar leads.

Live transfers

Live transfer solar lead gives you real-time data about pre-screened solar leads who are interested in purchasing a solar panel. This type of lead is advantageous in knowing your customer behavior.

Real-time shared Solar leads

Shared web leads are competitive and tough ones to obtain in the solar industry. This type of real-time web lead is sold to multiple solar companies.

Real-time exclusive solar leads

Real-time exclusive web leads are not shared with anyone other than your company. These leads are exclusively provided to you. If you opt for this, other than you no one else will have access to this lead.

Aged Solar leads

Aged leads means those who have already shown interest in solar appointments earlier. People take months to decide on solar installation making the data aged.  This solar lead is also the most cost-effective web lead.

Residential leads

These are real homeowners who are interested and looking for solar panel installation providers. You can reduce the gap between you and your potential customers using this lead.

Delivery Methods

To make the process transparent, our team of professionals first confirms the information of residentail solar leads with our U.S.-based tele agents and then takes their consent to have them contacted by your company.

Once we have the consent of the homeowners, we will immediately forward the lead to your company via the following four ways:
to any number of email addresses
send directly to your phone.
will directly send to the CRM of your choice or webhook to an endpoint.
Live transfer
we will transfer the call to you while the homeowner remains on the line.

Even though all the aforementioned methods work in their own ways,
opting for the live transfer option saves more time and lets you shift your
entire focus to closing more deals.

So what’s your take on this? Would you like us to have you connected with the
solar prospects via live transfer? If so, reach out to us for more information.

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What sets Solar Dynamite apart from others?

Other than having a team of competent members and determination in what we do there are a lot of things that set us apart from others.

solar leads
Result-driven techniques

What is the need for buying solar leads?

You need a steady flow of leads to stay longer in the fiercely competitive solar business. Opting for organic lead generation takes a lot of time to attain results. Plus it needs immense resources to get the desired outcomes.

Purchasing TCPA complient solar leads for your business supplement your efforts for generating leads. High-quality solar lead generation is the biggest task in the solar industry.  But with custom-made marketing techniques, Solar Dynamite can curtail this challenge.

We help you find the demand that matches what you are best at supplying i.e. solar installation. When you decide to buy solar appointments or leads you get the following benefits.
When experience meets reliability

Benefits of working with marketing experts like us!

We can help you get exclusive solar appointments and persuade your target customers to do business with you. When you choose us for generating solar leads for your business and get:

No matter how well your leads are performing, we can improve and get the most out of it. If you are ready to thrive in the solar industry then without wasting any more minutes get in touch with us. We are here to help whenever you are ready!


Mostly Asked Questions by companies

Solar leads are the people who are very interested in solar panel installation on their property. Many marketing methods help you generate solar leads including email marketing, social media, paid ads etc.
The cost of solar leads ranges between $35 to $175 depending on the type of leads you chose to buy.
Exclusive solar leads are people who are keen to get more information about solar panel installation. These kinds of leads are solely provided to one company.

Preset Appointments are confirmed home owners in your area that are interested in going solar and have passed the eligibly criteria to go solar and are ready to meet with your online or in person at a prescheduled time.

No, these leads are exclusively provided to one solar company or contractor.

You will receive them via CRM, Google Sheets, Email, SMS or Webhooks.

Almost every lead will respond to you the way you anticipate. The leads are already informed that a certified agent would contact them to address their queries about solar panel installation.
You need to order at least 50 leads.
The flow of leads depends on the internet traffic. Once you place the order, it will start within a day.
This is a smart marketing plan that gives you access to many leads.
You need to inform us once, we take care of the rest.
We follow a first come, first served approach. You can give us a call for further assistance.