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Pennsylvania Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates

As switching to solar energy come with many monetary benefits (mentioned below), several residents of Pennsylvania are making this green move and saving big!

Pennsylvania Net Energy Metering

Net metering is a policy that incentivizes Pennsylvania residents in the form of 100% full retail credit for surplus energy. NEM is a billing mechanism that transfers unused solar power back to the grid. You can sell this extra energy to the utility at the same price you would purchase it.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs)

SRECs are a type of Renewable Energy Certificate that helps the solar installed householders to recover the cost of solar projects. The credit rate of these certificates was between $21 to $41 in 2020. By selling SRECs, homeowners can make their investments affordable.

Pennsylvania Federal Solar Tax Credit

Residents who own or planning to install solar systems on their rooftops can get a 30% off the total solar installation cost including permitting, equipment, and labor cost. This solar incentive is applicable to owned PV systems only.

Philadelphia Solar Rebate Program

Philadelphia Solar Rebate Program is a solar incentive program where residents can qualify for a $200 rebate per kW of installed solar panels. To claim this incentive, your system should be operational for 3 years and generate 80% estimated energy.

Solar Panel Incentives Programme

The state of Pennsylvania enacted solar panel incentives program in 2019 to encourage residents to install PV systems on their property. This program offers $0.20 per watt for solar which means eligible residents can earn a $1200 rebate on a 6kW solar system.

Pennsylvania Solar Financing

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a loan offered to Pennsylvanians for efficiency-related investments. Rather than the owner, it is attached to the solar property. Allegheny County also provides low-interest rates for solar projects based on income & location.

Why buy Pennsylvania solar leads?

The current total solar investment rate in Pennsylvania is $3.1 billion. The state has over 60,651 solar installations today with more than 467 solar companies. With local, state-level, and federal solar incentives, the state is witnessing a massive switch to green energy. This means huge leads are looking for solar installation on their rooftops. However, finding these high-quality solar leads in the state is one of the most challenging tasks for any solar company. Here, buying Pennsylvania leads from us helps your business earn more customers and increase your solar sales without wasting time on nurturing leads.
Buying solar leads offers huge perks to solar businesses, especially novel starters. With our exclusive solar leads, you can get a quick foot in this new and challenging solar industry. This way you can confidently compete with already established solar companies in the city and stand out in the competition.

When you buy Pennsylvania solar leads from us, you devote maximum time to other important facets of your business. Solar leads that you buy from us are qualified which helps your gain more customers. This way you close more deals, boost your profits and grow your company to the next level

We introduce you to hot and exclusive Pennsylvania solar leads. Once you start working with these solar leads, your conversion rate will start soaring to new heights. You get access to highly interested residents ready to go green which boosts your profit.

Why Choose Solar Dynamite for Pennsylvania Solar Leads?

Exclusivity for Our Clients

The leads we provide you are not shared with any other solar company in Pennsylvania. Our solar leads are 100% exclusive and phone verified. We aim to expand your client base with exclusive solar leads.

Guaranteed High-quality Leads

Solar leads that we provide to you are actively looking for solar installation in Pennsylvania. You don’t need to nurture them as they are already at the bottom of the sales funnel. You can quickly convert them into your customers.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

We want you to get the most out of your investment. The money you spend on buying solar leads with us yields quick results. Your growth is important to us. We make sure that your solar business closes several deals.

Consistent and Reliable Support

We offer dedicated and reliable customer support to our clients. You are important to us, you can clear your doubts, questions, or concerns with us around the clock. Just connect with us and get your queries resolved quickly.

Targeted Results

Our solar leads are phone verified and highly engaged. When you buy Pennsylvania solar leads with us, you can achieve more targeted results in your area. Partner with us and experience the positive difference in no time!

Cost-effective Solution

Solar leads are crucial to your business. We understand that you want quality at a reasonable price. Don’t worry, we connect you with high-quality and exclusive Pennsylvania solar leads at a very comfortable cost.

Sample lead

Close more deals and soar your sales

We understand the importance of a constant flow of solar leads in your business. With the right skills and expertise, we help solar companies in gaining more customers and maximize their conversion rate. With the help of our qualified Pennsylvania solar leads, you can close more deals and hit your sales goals in no time.
Name Samuel John
Street Address 56 Test Ln.2
State CA
City Brooklyn
ZIP 11968
Mobile Phone 646-201-****
Email [email protected]
Homeowner Yes
Monthly Utility Bill $200-350
Credit Score Above 650

Grow your Solar Business with Solar Dynamite

Generating Pennsylvania solar leads consistently is vital for your business’s survival in this competitive market. We understand it well and want to help you close maximum deals within the stipulated time.
At Solar Dynamite, we are committed to providing anticipated results to our clients. Whether you require one or many solar leads, every lead is qualified and interested in installing solar systems for their Pennsylvania residents.

We introduce you to the exclusive Pennsylvania solar leads who are looking for reliable solar installers like you. Once you partner with us, you get many perks of this collaboration that speaks in the form of your rapid growth and success.

Get quick access to high-quality solar leads and accelerate your growth!

Delivery Methods​

To make the process transparent, our team of professionals first confirms the information of solar leads with our U.S.-based tele agents and then takes their consent to have them contacted by your company.
Once we have the consent of the homeowners, we will immediately forward the lead to your company via the following four ways:
to any number of email addresses
send directly to your phone.
will directly send to the CRM of your choice or webhook to an endpoint.
Live transfer
we will transfer the call to you while the homeowner remains on the line.

Even though all the aforementioned methods work in their own ways,
opting for the live transfer option saves more time and lets you shift your
entire focus to closing more deals.

So what’s your take on this? Would you like us to have you connected with the solar prospects via live transfer? If so, reach out to us for more information.

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