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Want to make your solar sales roar in Minnesota? Then you have landed in the right place. At Solar Dynamite, we introduce you to 100% verified and exclusive residential solar leads who are looking for quick solar panel installation services in Minnesota. So what are you waiting for? Join hands with us today and expand your customer base
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Minnesota Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates

Minnesota’s sunny climate provides ample energy to generate a sufficient amount of solar power, and the state’s enticing solar incentive programs have fueled this process. Thus creating business opportunities for solar companies.

Solar Energy Sales Tax Exemption

The MN state exempts the sales tax of 6.88% on solar panel equipment, which results in lowering the overall upfront cost of a solar project.

Wind and Solar-Electric (PV) Systems Exemption

When solar panels are added to a home, the value may rise, which could result in higher property taxes. Residents of Minnesota are shielded from increased taxes by the state’s property tax exemption.

Net Metering

Minnesota has a net metering program that enables the citizens to receive credit for any extra electricity their system generates and use that credit to either cash out at an avoided-cost rate or purchase additional electricity as necessary.

Local Incentives

The local energy providers and municipalities offer a variety of cash-back incentives and other benefits to residents of Minnesota who have solar panels installed on their properties.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

With the Investment Tax Credit or ITC, MN residents can cut the price of their purchased solar power system by 30% if they are bought and installed by 31st Dec 2032.

Why buy Minnesota solar leads?

As per the report of the Google Sunroof project, 70% of Minnesota state buildings have the potential to go solar. And the state’s ample supply of sunny days and lucrative solar programs have further influenced Minnesota citizens to convert to solar
According to the recent report of the SEIA, MN stands at the 16th position in the top U.S. solar states. The SEIA anticipates increasing solar power production by 1612 MW over the next five years. This makes Minnesota a desirable garden location for solar companies to invest in high-qualified solar leads.

As of now, 18,268 solar systems are installed in Minnesota, with a total investment of $2.7 billion. These solar panels generated 1782 MW in the first quarter of 2023, which is sufficient to power 238,146 houses.

So, in light of all the aforementioned statistics, it is a no-brainer that Minnesota is an ideal marketplace for solar companies to buy solar leads, offer homeowners top-notch services, and generate revenue for themselves.

However, locating qualified solar leads in MN is a time-consuming process with no guarantee of results. This is why, we, at Solar Dynamite help you deliver top-notch solar leads so that you can invest more time in closing more deals and less in searching.

Why Choose Solar Dynamite to Buy Minnesota Leads?

Exclusive Location-Based Leads

We only provide exclusive location-specific Minnesota solar leads that have higher chances of conversion.

High Return on Investment (ROI)

We want your investment to pay off as much as possible for you. That is why with our high-quality MN leads, we ensure that your solar company closes as many deals as possible.

Fast and Assured Results

Buying solar leads from reputable lead generation companies like ours will assist you avoid wasting time and energy here and there. Our team provides real-time verified Minnesota leads, which guarantees positive outcomes.

Cost-Effective Solution

For any business, the two most important factors are reasonable costs and high quality. Not to worry. We offer you very affordable Minnesota solar leads that are of the highest quality.

24/7 Robust Customer Support

We understand the value of every qualified new lead. That's why we offer committed and competent round-the-clock customer assistance to ensure that all of your doubts or queries are promptly resolved and that you never miss out on any significant solar panel lead in the Minnesota region.

No Long-term Obligations

Although we'd love to work with solar panel service providers like yours for a lifetime, we don't put any long-term obligations. You are always free to stop using our lead generation services anytime.

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Earn Minnesota Solar Leads and Close More Deals

We understand the importance of a consistent flow of solar leads for your business. For this reason, we have a team of experts to assist you in getting verified solar leads around the clock. With our exclusive Minnesota solar leads, your business will be able to close more deals without wasting time on follow-ups and quickly hit sales goals in no time.
Name Samuel John
Street Address 56 Test Ln.2
State CA
City Brooklyn
ZIP 11968
Mobile Phone 646-201-****
Email [email protected]
Homeowner Yes
Monthly Utility Bill $200-350
Credit Score Above 650

Grow your Solar Business in Minnesota with Solar Dynamite

As important as delivering quality PV system installation and maintenance services to their customers is, it is even more critical to locate potential solar leads in Minnesota for rooftop solar installation companies to thrive in the industry.
At Solar Dynamite, we understand this concern very well. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to fine-tune your target demographic in MN, our team of professionals will make every effort to get you qualified solar leads that will turn you into paying customers.

In addition to giving potential clients enough information about your company, we will be working on the partnership side of matters to ensure there is total transparency and that you’re getting the correct details as a business owner.

Overall, the whole process is just more effective and simpler with Solar Dynamite. We are confident that your company has many advantages over the competition, and our team is here to help those advantages stand out.

So, what are you waiting for?

Connect with us today and learn how we can help you connect with needy homeowners in Minnesota looking for companies like yours. And put your foot forward to build a harmonious long-term relationship with your soon-to-be future customers.

Delivery Methods​

To make the process transparent, our team of professionals first confirms the information of solar leads with our U.S.-based tele agents and then takes their consent to have them contacted by your company.
Once we have the consent of the homeowners, we will immediately forward the lead to your company via the following four ways:
to any number of email addresses
send directly to your phone.
will directly send to the CRM of your choice or webhook to an endpoint.
Live transfer
we will transfer the call to you while the homeowner remains on the line.

Even though all the aforementioned methods work in their own ways,
opting for the live transfer option saves more time and lets you shift your
entire focus to closing more deals.

So what’s your take on this? Would you like us to have you connected with the solar prospects via live transfer? If so, reach out to us for more information.

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