How to Design Solar Sale Proposal to Convert Leads to Customers?

How to Design Solar Sale Proposal to Convert Leads to Customers?

Are you experiencing a downfall in the solar sales graph? Is your sales proposal not compelling enough to close deals?

If yes, either you have not crafted your solar sale proposal the right way or it is missing out on crucial ingredients that make it successful. 

Nothing is better than having a potential customer in a solar business. However, not every customer who enquires about your business is ready to buy your solar services. Many factors come into play to persuade potential customers to take out money from their wallets in exchange for your offerings. 

Being a fiercely competitive industry, solar businesses need persistent sales flow for long survival and steady growth. If you are failing to convert leads into sales then one of the major reasons behind an unsuccessful persuasion is the incompetency of a sales proposal that you pitch to your potential customer.

Don’t worry! We know the vitality of a continuous stream of sales in a solar business. Keeping that in mind, we have dug out some of the tried and tested methods of creating the finest solar sale proposal to convert leads into paying customers.

Impact of poor solar sales proposals on Business 

Being a time-consuming and expensive deal, people are still skeptical about going solar. Unlike cars, people cannot take a test drive or trial of a home solar plant installation and make the decision after experiencing it. Once installed, there is no chance they can remove it. As a huge amount of money is involved, being doubtful about panel installations is quite normal among non-solar people. 

Solar sale proposals are complex. But it is worth figuring out how it should be done while considering its end impact on your solar sales.  

Due to a weak solar sale proposal, many people cancel their orders right before the installation. Such cancellations can cost a solar provider up to $2000. This figure can jump to $5000 per project if cancellations happen after permitting. 

70% of solar companies lose their sales followed by an order cancellation or other reasons leading to a change in orders at the customer’s end. 

No matter what leads to an order termination, it can cost you mammoth money and time. 

So, what shall be done to avoid such a sour experience?

Still, more and more people are interested in solar energy and opting for panel installation. You just need to hit the ‘right button’. This can be done with an accurate and informative solar sale proposal. Using this tool, you can make a potential customer your full-time client.

You should be in constant touch with the homeowner, even after finalizing the deal. You can guide them on what they can expect next in the installation process. Consider establishing a channel between you and your customer to build rapport and engagement. 

According to consumer psychology, when you build a good connection with your clients, the likelihood of order cancellation drastically drops. So, this was how you should be conducting yourself after sealing the deal. 

Now comes the hardest but most achievable part, generating solar sales proposals to increase revenue in the next section of our blog.

Unfailing Tips to Design Solar Sale Proposals to Win Customers

There has been a steep demand for solar power in recent years. People have evolved and so have their purchasing decision. This is why, it is more than important to understand your solar buyer, their interest, and what they value the most when they consider solar panel installation.

For instance, if your potential solar buyer is more interested in saving bucks on the installation rather than its green benefits. Give them what they want!

Your sale proposal should encompass the percentage or amount they would save after partnering with you. Explain solar systems and the financial advantages that your company offers in the long run. 

Now, let’s quickly check out the must-have elements in your solar sales proposal.

Underline long-term savings 

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Underline long-term savings

As we said, if a resident has more interest in money-saving, treat them with the best saving options. You can display what benefits they will avail of with your company targeting their budget outlook. You should design a solar sale proposal that mostly includes a tempting figure that could be saved in the entire deal. You can also create urgency like lowest price solar panels for a limited period.

Most of your customers are interested in saving money rather than the environmental benefits coming from green energy.

You can explain all the financial benefits of solar installation over normal electricity at residences in the long run. Believe us, your potential customers are interested in knowing both the short-term and long-term effects on their finances.  

Now that’s interesting! You can demonstrate the steep rise in utility bills over 5 to 20 years. Weigh up the cash flows after installing the solar panels, and show them side-by-side comparisons. Share whopping figures that can be saved in utility bills after going green. 

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Return on investment (ROI)

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Return on investment (ROI)

In addition to the above point, most people emphasize pricing. Therefore, you should show your customers the long-term ROI on solar investment. 

Highlighting ROI in a solar sales proposal is a great idea because it persuades your customers to opt for the installation. 

Your customers should know the estimated figure that they would save in a particular period. It is important to include the following details while generating solar sale proposals:

  • Estimated savings for 1 month.
  • Estimated savings for 1 year.
  • Estimated lifetime savings.
  • Estimated utility bill increments in the future.
  • Estimated increments in the property value after going green.
  • Offer solar rebates and incentives.

As most prospective customers are interested in saving money aspect on their solar investment, you can offer incentives to lure them into saving bucks in the deal. Solar rebates and incentives give the instant saving option to potential buyers and persuade them to go for installation. 

Cash rebates, tax credits, and other types of incentives make solar installation budget-friendly for your customers.

This saving deal will give your prospective customers that extra push in the buying process. Your solar sales proposal should include cash rebates, tax credits, and other incentives to make the deal budget-friendly for your buyers.

Multiple model and payment options

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Multiple model and payment options

Giving multiple model options help your customers to make the right choice according to their requirements. As a solar provider, your sale proposal should include multiple design options that fit each buyer’s needs.  

Buyers have become very smart these days. Even before buying the smallest thing they don’t forget to do the research. And here we are talking about the biggest investment that requires huge time and dimes. So, give them all the design options you have, to help them make the right panel selection.

Give a clear comparison of all payment/design options and the percent that can be saved in each.

Additionally, your solar sale proposal should also include multiple financing options. Give them a clear picture of whether paying upfront allows them to save more money or if it is good to opt for the lease option. Since solar installation is a major investment, give your buyers comfortable payment options with accurate information. This will push you closer to sealing the deal.

Avoid forcing

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Avoid forcing

Including various methods of payment for your clients is not enough in pushing them toward closing the deal. Upfront cash, loan, or lease—these options might look easy, but for buyers, it is not as simple as it seems. To make the process easier for your clients, navigate them to the nitty-gritty of each financing option with the help of a side-by-side comparison. This way both the parties (buyer and seller) can find out the best solution for themselves. 

Forcing prospective clients to opt for solar installation can push them away forever.

Not every person likes to opt for a loan or use maximum savings on a solar installation. They might have saved it for the school education of their children or buying their dream car. To seal the deal, you need to work with your potential customer and find out their comfort and the best financing option for them. 

Different sales proposal work for different people. 

Every person has a different notion about going solar. Your sales proposal should be designed keeping each need in mind. As already discussed, they should be free to choose the design and financing option. Your solar sales proposals should not make your prospective customers feel that you are forcing them to opt for a particular design or financing alternative. This is the key to satisfying your customers and earning their loyalty toward your brand. 

Showcase reliability on your brand

Showcase reliability on your brand

No matter how big or small a purchase is, people don’t move an inch forward in the sales funnel without researching the product or services. Here, you need to build trust in your brand. 

But how?

Include service packages, warranties, and guarantees in each solar proposal. However, this will last for a couple of months, right? 

What about long-term assurance? Who is going to be there when your customer will face issues after 5 or 10 years?

Here, if you offer consistent customer support who are 24X7 present to answer your customer’s queries. You can change the entire perception and push them to opt for your solar services.

Earn your customer’s trust by offering unfailing support whenever they need you.

You ask for a roadside warranty prior to taking a car service plan or research all the aspects like potential issues with the make and model before buying a car. So, just like cars, buying solar is also a long-term investment for buyers. Without brand trust, people will not buy your solar services. 

This trust can be earned by resolving your existing or former customers’ issues. When you make them happy, they post positive feedback about your company. This helps you earn new clients in the long run. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing sales tactic because more than 60% of business comes from referrals. 

Not only price plays a key role in the purchase, but value also matters. 

Give people a guarantee that if they face issues in their solar system even after 7 or 10 years of solar installation, you will be around to answer their queries and help them out. 

What essential ingredients does a successful solar sale proposal have?

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What essential ingredients does a successful solar sale proposal have

By now, you have gained enough knowledge to pitch the most compelling solar sales proposal. Let’s quickly scan through specific components that you should include when you design solar sale proposals template:

Company profile: It is a professional outline of your business that informs your target audience about your products and services. Your company profile includes its mission, vision, and history. This section establishes the credibility of your brand. It helps your potential clients to know your business even more.

Scope of project: The scope statement is a detailed outline of your solar project that includes workflow strategies, timeline, budget, etc. It helps your customer to understand each nitty-gritty of the solar project. You need to include all details around the project scope and break it into different subsections like:

  • Location of the solar installation.
  • Size of solar panels.
  • Modules.
  • Schedule of the project.
  • Bills of material used.
  • Term of payments.

Funds requirement and incentives: This statement includes all the details related to the pricing and incentives you are offering in the solar installation. You will include the cost of labor and material from start to end. We understand that the solar panel price and its installation might scare off your potential clients. To avoid this situation, you can include financial incentives to lower the intimidating figure on the entire installation cost. 

Terms and conditions: This statement is a type of legal contract between you and your clients for your solar equipment and services. This document legalizes your business relationships and states the conditions on which both parties agree to do business. However, terms and conditions are different for every business yet essential in a solar proposal. It should include warranty info, details of the contract, limitations of liability, etc.

Communication details: This includes all the details of your contact information. Make sure you include these details in easy-to-find locations. It can be in the header, footer, homepage, or anywhere which is easily discoverable on your website. Ensure that all the phone numbers that you have put are reachable and working. You should also ensure your website is fully accessible to all users, including those with disabilities (you can use a web accessibility tester to that end).

Personalization: Customization of each solar proposal makes your solar sale proposal even more worthy. It shows that you have taken out time to give a personal touch to the proposal. Give your customers options for customizing the service and even the finances for that matter. This works in your business’s favor as your customer feel more confident in partnering with you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar sale proposal?

A solar sale proposal is basically the outline of a project. It includes several elements, terms of the contract, anticipated end product, and the cost of a solar installation. Once your customer receives your solar proposal, it is up to them whether they sign the contract or not.

How do I design solar sale proposals?

The main elements that have to be in your sales proposals are:
Company profile.
-Concise and clear information.
-Details of the project including location, timeline, labor, material, payment terms, and all associated bills.
-Sticker price and the percent that can be saved in the contract.
-Terms and conditions.
-Communications details.
-Personalization option.
-License info.

What is solar sale proposal software?

A solar sale proposal software generates solar designs quickly or creates automated sales proposal that aligns with homeowners’ needs. This solar design software outlines a PV system that can easily be integrated into the real field with minimal effort. This proposal tool or design software is mostly used by engineers. You can easily research the best solar design software to create catchy yet simple sales proposal templates.

What are the benefits of using solar sales proposal software?

As solar sales proposal software quickly generates solar proposal templates, it offers many benefits including:
-Clear and concise information.
-Higher customer engagement.
-Increase in sales.
-Better solar sales management.
-Automatic generation of contracts.

What makes a solar sale proposal successful?

Each customer and their needs are unique. However, after in-depth research, we found the following aspects that make every Sale proposal successful.
-Budget-friendly project.
-Availability of incentives and cash rebates.
-Simple and accessible information.
-Positive customer reviews.
-Offer customization.  
-Flexibility in payment.
-Financial savings

How to get more solar sales?

You can build your solar sales by:
-Building a strong online presence across all social networking sites.
-Get involved in resident communities.
-Expand and diversify marketing for quality solar lead generation.
-Stay updated with energy trends and learn your customer behavior.
-Start a group for people who are interested in solar energy.
-Get listed in various solar company directories and develop a network.
-Hire skilled professionals and train them continuously.

What should be done to close the solar deal?

To close as many solar deals as possible, when you design solar sale software you should:
-Always be available via call, chat, and email to address customers’ issues.
-Respond to people’s queries quickly. 
-Make the purchasing path easier for customers.
-Work with your customers to find the most comfortable option for financing the project. 

How do I pitch a solar sale proposal?

A great solar pitch makes things easier for a solar provider. To generate a killer solar sale pitch, you need to incorporate the following in the solar proposal template:
-Understand your customer profile.
-Structure your pitch surrounding–Why is a solar investment worth it for them? Why should they go solar now? Why should they –choose your brand?
-Start your pitch with a direct question.
-Focus on selling solutions not solely solar panels
-Showcase positive reviews from former customers.
-Share the benefits of solar energy.
-Create urgency like utility costs will rise in a few months.

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Concluding Thoughts

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Concluding Thoughts

With today’s revolutionized technology, composing solar sale proposals is easier and faster with solar proposal software. However, not all proposals help you achieve your sales goals. That is why you must be very cautious when you craft or design solar sales proposals for your company. 

Writing a fruitful solar proposal gives you a competitive advantage in the industry.  Avoid giving too much, unnecessary, or insufficient detail in a sale proposal because it leads to its failure. Incorporate all the above tips in your next sale proposal pitch to minimize order cancellations and maximize solar installations.

Maintaining your solar company’s branding and truthfulness are the basic ingredients of a successful sales proposal. It can make or break your customer’s trust and impact their buying decision. So, give your best shot when you design solar sale proposals. 

Never fall short in showcasing the highest quality in your service and professionalism to earn more customers.

Lastly, every person knows the benefits of solar power. You just need to convince them their investment is worth it. After all, convincing them that you have the best solar system for homes is the whole point of a solar sale proposal, right?